Kids' CBC Family Sandbox

Sign up for a Kids' CBC Family Sandbox account! You and your child can draw and send messages, customize your calendar, make your own avatars and create picture passwords.

Tell me more about the Family Sandbox account

Secure environment

At Kids' CBC, safety comes first. The Family Sandbox is a secure, social environment designed for children and their parents/guardians. The Parent-account holder manages all of the child profiles, and can edit and delete profiles at any time.

Family oriented

Currently, only parents can connect with their child, but we plan to add an additional feature that allows parents to invite extended family to be part of their child's contacts.

Experience management

Parents are the account managers of their children's profiles. This feature allows them to drive their child's online experience on

Create password

Children can create their own Kids' CBC nickname and secret password, which they can print out or save to their computer. If they forget, parents can log into their Family Sandbox account and help them create a new password!

Customize calendar

Parents can add events and holidays to their child's first digital calendar. For those extra-exciting events, like a child's birthday, parents can set a 10-day countdown. Children will be able to see this calendar when they are logged in.

Customize avatars

Parents and children can make their very own avatars! Children will be able to see their avatar on their customized homepage when they log in to, and parents can see the whole family when they're logged into their own Sandbox account.

Send messages

Parents and children can type and draw fun, colourful messages, and then send them to each other.

A new message feature will be added soon! Parents can send special videos to their kids - starring Kids' CBC's very own Patty and Mamma Yamma!